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As a parent and a youth advocate, I understand how crucial it is to be safe during these stressful and uncertain times. Our kids count on us to make the best decisions on their behalf. If you trust us to plan your party during the COVID-19 restrictions here is how we plan to keep everyone safe: 

  1. Temperature checks upon the arrival of all youth guests included in the headcount who are staying during the event as well as all Giggles N Grins staff.

  2. Temperature checks of all adults staying during the event. (limit 2 adults in total). 

  3. In compliance with the suggestions of your event may be limited to outdoor-only depending on the county. (please visit the website for more information.)

  4. All parties involved in the event will wear a mask during the entire party with the exception of eating/drinking. All parties will use hand sanitizer and soap and water hand washing.  

  5. Guests will be encouraged to stay 6 feet apart as much as possible. *This may mean that guests will have to take turns doing certain activities. 

  6. All materials that guests will be touching will be individually designated for them. In addition, they will be sanitized before and after each use. 

Jessica Rauf: Owner of Giggles N Grins Events

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